Fewer Distractions, More Pipeline

No need to juggle different sales tools or drown in multiple contracts.

Zero in on best-fit accounts, run outreach sequences, triple your calls with auto-dialer… All from a single platform to boost quarter-over-quarter growth.

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Did you know? The average sales team uses 10 sales tools to close a deal. Can you imagine what that's like? Chaotic. Slow. Inefficient.

Infotelligent offers a single platform to find, engage, and close leads without juggling several tools.

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Rapidly turn data into conversations, opportunities into deals won

Pursue leads that are in-market to buy

Cut time-to-close using Multi-Source Intent. Identify companies researching your solutions so you can reach out to close deals in less time.

Monitor your prospects' job changes

Save countless, painful hours tracking champion users' job changes on LinkedIn. Instead, be notified through automated alerts in your CRM and reach out right away.

Triple your number of cold calls with AI

Make more dials in a day using the AI-assisted dialer. Detect voicemails and automatically call one number after another in a sequence to avoid any lags. When a number goes to voicemail or is busy or disconnects, it instantly moves to the next call to save time and boost productivity.

Create LinkedIn leads lists in seconds

Avoid brain fatigue from adding leads one-by-one into a spreadsheet or CRM. Just type the job title you want to target and Infotelligent will let you add all profiles or accounts into a list right away that you can later use in an email or call workflow.

Execute killer campaigns and keep your domain and caller ID rep in check

Reach buyers with updated data

Use real-time verification to save time validating buyer data through email bounces and invalid numbers. Avoid burning through your addressable market with ineffective campaigns.

Increase connect rates with direct dials

Are too many of your calls getting picked up by gatekeepers and switchboards? Infotelligent's 65M+ mobile phone numbers data means you can skip office phone numbers and reach prospects at their mobile, boosting your connect rates.

Target customers by their tech stack

Filter leads by 9,100 products and 51 million installations to target accounts based on their tech preferences. Offer complementary offerings or run competitor displacement campaigns.

Boost responses with email + call workflows

Use multi-touch cadences using both call and email sequence workflows to get more responses out of your prospects and in turn increase booking and demo rates.

Stay on top of your quotas and meet revenue targets with confidence

Build a pipeline of ideal prospects

Clone your best customers through Look-Alike modeling so you can create a predictable stream of closed-won accounts and hit revenue targets with more certainty.

Win past customers at new accounts

Pick up the conversation where you last left off so you can skip to get buy-in of decision makers of the new company to close deals quicker.

Contact leads from their LinkedIn profiles

Found a lead that seems worth reaching out to? Infotelligent’s Chrome Extension lets you unlock email, mobile phone and company details so you can instantly get in touch via email or phone without leaving LinkedIn.

Track & optimize email and call KPIs

Is your outreach cadence performing? Leverage Connect’s email and call insights to track open, connect, response and conversion rates and A/B your emails to test different subject lines and times to replicate your ideal campaigns.

with Infotelligent's Outbound OS

Turbocharge your Outreach with
Infotelligent's Pipeline Generation Platform


Get access to 140M+ verified B2B contacts and 65M+ mobile phone numbers.

The only data platform that guarantees 97% data accuracy!


Get job-change alerts of your customers, closed-won opps and closed-lost opps in your CRM.

We track 24/7 and tell you where your champions in these companies are working now and their new title, email addresses, phone#, etc.

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Your Sales Engagement tool - Connect with your prospects instantly.

Personalize and automate outbound email sequences and track email engagement insights.

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Chrome Extension

Your Free Prospecting Assistant!

It follows you on your prospecting journey across multiple websites, LinkedIn and activates when it sees a match in our database.

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Hit And Exceed Your Revenue Targets With Infotelligent

Find best-fit accounts
Prioritize in-market leads
Shorten deal cycle
Improve LTV: CAC ratio

The Top Choice for Mid-Market and Enterprise Businesses

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See what our clients say.

#1 Lead Researcher!

Infotelligent has all the contact info on pretty much every company I've searched here in the states. Their rich database is incredibly useful when you go about prospecting. They also offer the option of data enrichment, so you can close up any gaps in yours. The interface is convenient and easy-to-use. You can use it when you're on the field, or at home, it offers me easy accessibility and I have to say I enjoy that.
Evelynn H.
Business Development Manager

The best prospecting tool I’ve seen in 16 years!

I haven't come across a more efficient and effective solution for sales lead generation than Infotelligent. I've always gotten comprehensive contact information of any of the prospects I've been looking for. I have to give props to the real-time validation feature as it keeps my bounce rates really low.
Tamsyn B.
Sales Manager

Infotelligent is a shortcut to the top!

It’s my destination to find highly accurate information about prospective leads. It makes it really, really easy to generate high volumes of potential prospects. I'm in love with how simple it is to export this data into Salesforce. It's helped clean up my database too, reducing any redundancies that might have existed. It's often said that time is money and Infotelligent gives you a lot of both.
Tyler C
Marketing Manager

This is a tool every prospector has been
dreaming about!

I've been noticing that my lists are a little outdated. A lot of my emails have been returned with non-delivery receipts. I purchased Infotelligent because it offers real-time validation of email addresses. Ever since we got it, we have barely ever received any bounced notifications. My team is also very happy because they're able to get higher commissions.
Wendy W.
Sales Manager

This is a brilliant idea!

Tracking your customers and remarketing to them is a golden revenue tactic and BuyerWatch helps us achieve this with zero effort
Head of Marketing - Kaspersky Labs

7X ROI within 30 days of implementation

“This is exactly what we’ve been looking for. BuyerWatch helps us track champions at scale and resulted in 7X ROI within 30 days of implementation”
Ebru Canfesci
Marketing Analyst - INFUSEmedia

Connect is almost like a personal assistant, the way it helps me organize my day

I find the contacts I need in Discover, and then through Connect, I’m able to engage with them extremely effectively. It makes our Outreach strategy really easy to execute.
Maude B
Marketing Manager

Really helps me customize my dashboard

I like that Infotelligent Connect has so many custom filters that help me narrow down my searches. When you upload a custom field, it automatically becomes a filter.
Rosanna W.
Online Marketing Manager

Prospect while you surf with the chrome plugin

You can see all the contact information right from the company’s website. I save time while researching because everything I could need, I find here in a single window.
Darrell S.
Sales Development Team Leader

Helpful chrome extension!

Their browser extension always has my back, allowing me to quickly find contacts in almost any company while I am visiting their website or doing my research on LinkedIn.
Ernest T.
Sales Development Team Leader

Saves me a lot of time!

The chrome extension has a lot of goodness packed into a well-integrated tiny window. It saves me a lot of time and gives me information on the go.
Nikolas D.
Business Development Manager - Franchise Operations

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