Customer Look-Alikes

Getting tired of prospects ghosting you? Getting too many no-shows for demo calls? Infotelligent has a solution for you

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Looking for a cheat code to generate predictable revenue? Infotelligent has the solution

With Infotelligent’s Look-Alike modeling, you can now clone your best customers to create a pipeline of high-ticket accounts you can bet would convert into closed-won deals.

The Look-Alike feature is developed to enable sales reps and ABM marketers to find customers with similar characteristics to that of their ideal customers. The result? Target and engage prospects and accounts that have a higher likelihood of buying high-tier plans than others.

So how does it work?

• You upload a list of your customer names into Infotelligent’s Discover tool

• Automatically get a list of companies that match with the companies of your uploaded customers.

• Access their verified email address and mobile phone number so you can reach out without wasting time.

This way you not only save hours collating best-fit prospects and accounts that are most likely to convert but you are also able to personalize your outreach campaigns.

So, what are you waiting for?
Identify and reach high-value customers with Discover’s Look-Alike modeling!