Best Practices of B2B Lead Generation – with ABM!

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In this new whitepaper, you will learn:

  • How to Initially Start With Your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)
  • Accurate Contact Information to Contact Your Target Accounts
  • Selecting Better Targets and Identifying the Best Customers for ABM
  • Measuring the Success of Lead Generation & ABM Program
  • Measuring the Life Cycle of a Lead from Marketing To Sales
  • Maximizing Your Content Marketing Assets
  • And much more

Lead generation is the most challenging of the B2B marketing strategies and it’s even more so today than ever before. Generating quality leads is the biggest challenge for B2B marketers. And converting leads to customers requires an ongoing process of testing and improving campaigns. Also, while Lead Generation is critical, it’s important to note that Account-Based Marketing (ABM) combined with Account-Based Sales (ABM) has emerged as the critical success factor in B2B.

To be competitive, a successful B2B business needs an effective ABM strategy that works jointly with your B2B Lead Generation and in alignment with your sales on targeting your Accounts. An important factor of a successful Go-to-Market strategy is ensuring Lead Generation and ABM and ABS work in complete alignment to grow the company’s sales.