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Don’t zone out juggling multiple tools

What if you can find leads, enrich missing info, track job changes, run email and call workflows, and analyze campaign metrics - all from a single solution? Infotelligent has what you need.

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Why Choose Us?

Get Up to 97% data accuracy

Lead your campaigns with pinpoint accuracy with Infotelligent’s real-time verification and 40+ advanced search filters. Zero-in on ideal account profiles and customer profiles to execute killer campaigns that lead to more conversations.

A one-stop solution for your outreach goals

Avoid juggling multiple sales tools and drowning in multiple contracts. Intelligent offers a single interface to meet your outreach needs from sales intel and enrichment to engagement and analytics.

Make calls with 14% connect rate

Not getting more than 3% connect rate? Leverage Infoteligent’s mobile phone data coverage and automatic phone number rotation to avoid getting flagged as a spam number and reach leads directly on their cell phones.

Find in-market leads from 3 intent signals

Get to buyers before competition with Infotelligent’s multi-source intent. Find and prioritize in-market leads that are ready to buy through intent signals aggregated from email, programmatic, and co-op.

Filter accounts by 9k+ technologies

Personalize your reach through technographic segmentation by targeting companies by their tech stack. Offer complementary offerings or run displacement campaigns to steal market share away from your competitors.

Create and run email & call workflows

Add Infotelligent’s auto-dialer to your arsenal of email and call workflows to help reps kickstart conversations, meet their daily and weekly quotas, and move deals through the sales cycle faster than ever before.

Aren’t All Prospecting
Databases the Same?

Yes, Except for the Data Coverage, User Experience,
Quality, and Price

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Next-gen User Analytics For Your App - Webtech X Webflow Template