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New Accounts

Remember how smooth it was to track a champion user’s job change through LinkedIn or CRM to find a new selling opportunity at their new company? Neither do we. 

This is where BuyerWatch comes in. Through automated alerts, you can track job movements and role changes of former product users to identify selling opportunities at new accounts.

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How Does BuyerWatch Help to Close New Accounts?

Decision makers are likely to have a lot of budget for new tools in their first 100 days of starting a new role.
But keeping track of job changes isn't exactly easy. Sales reps miss out on pitching solutions and closing easy opportunities. 

Reach out to leads at the right time

Seize the window of opportunity as it opens so you can align needs with timing and budget and maximize chances of winning deals.

Do less prospecting, more outreach

Use real-time verification to save time validating buyer data through email bounces and invalid numbers. Avoid burning through your addressable market with ineffective campaigns.

Revive lost opportunities at new accounts

Pick up the conversation where you last left off so you can skip to get buy-in of decision makers of the new company to close deals quicker.

Prevent churn at target accounts

Act fast on onboarding new decision makers and users at existing accounts to increase likelihood of product retention and renewals.

Reduce customer acquisition costs

Leverage outreach to former users as a cost-effective channel to acquire new accounts and improve LTV:CAC ratio.

Save time updating CRM

Get your CRM updated through monthly automated alerts along with recent contact email address, phone number and job title.

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This is a brilliant idea!

Tracking your customers and remarketing to them is a golden revenue tactic and BuyerWatch helps us achieve this with zero effort.

Kevin - Kaspersky Labs
Head of Marketing

Absolutely love it!

Consumers are inundated with ads, so it’s vital that your ad catches the eye and immediately grabs interest. You could do this with a headline or slogan.

Ebru Canfesci - INFUSEmedia
SDR Team Lead