Connect by infotelligent

Have Buyer Conversations on Autopilot

Falling short of your daily and weekly quotas? Avoid lags made between calls and emails and nurture leads using workflows while you engage hot leads. 

Connect is Infotelligent's sales engagement solution that allows sales reps to effortlessly create and run email and call sequences to boost their conversations by 10x. 

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The Top Choice for Mid-Market and Enterprise Businesses

How Does Connect Ramp Up Your
Outbound Efforts?

Connect makes cold calling and email campaigns a breeze.
Simply import your contact list from Discover or your CRM and add it to multiple sequences based on your outreach cadence. 

Triple your daily cold call dials with AI

Make more dials in a day using the AI-assisted dialer. Detect voicemails and automatically call one number after another in a sequence to avoid any lags. When a number goes to voicemail or is busy or disconnects, it instantly moves to the next call to save time.

Track & optimize email and call KPIs

Is your outreach cadence working?
Leverage Connect’s email and call insights to track open, connect, response and conversion rates and A/B your emails to test different subject lines and times to replicate your ideal campaigns.

Automatic phone number rotation

Got flagged as a ‘spam number’ due to using the same number to make too many cold calls? This is when your prospects will see a ‘spam alert’ on their phone when they receive a call from you. Connect prevents this by rotating your outbound phone numbers  when you make calls.

Improve open rate and sender reputation score

Add a personal touch to your email campaigns using merge tags to personalize subject lines and email copy to drive higher open rates and improve email deliverability.

Never miss a follow-up

Ever miss out on follow-ups with promising leads ? Connect’s Task Manager keeps you in the loop for every task that you set for a lead in a sequence so you always know when and why to call or email.

Boost responses with email + call workflows

Use multi-touch cadences using both call and email sequence workflows to get more responses from your prospects and in turn increase booking and demo rates.


Sales Engagement Like No Other

Combine email workflows and AI-assisted dialer for an outreach powerhouse.

Connect lets you engage hundreds of prospects without the risk of getting flagged as a spammer so you can double down on your opportunities and closed-won deals. Here’s why it is a top-choice for sales teams:

AI-assisted dialer

Unlike other outreach platforms, Connect combines the use of an intelligent predictive dialer that lets you make multiple dials in a sequence automatically to let you have more conversations in less time everyday.

Import contacts straight from Discover

Ever lost 20-30 mins of your time importing contacts from your CRM database? Now just find contacts and import straight from Infotelligent’s Discover sales intelligence tool. Plug and play via sequences in Connect so you can zoom past your daily and weekly quotas.

Don’t take our word for it.
See what our clients say.

Connect is almost like a personal assistant

I find the contacts I need in Discover, and then through Connect, I’m able to engage with them extremely effectively. It makes our Outreach strategy really easy to execute.

Maude B.
Marketing Manager

I like that Infotelligent Connect has so many custom filters

It help me narrow down my searches. When you upload a custom field, it automatically becomes a filter. Really helps me customize my dashboard.

Rosanna W.
Online Marketing Manager