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How Does Discover Help to Build More Pipeline?

Reach buyers with updated data

Use real-time verification to save time validating buyer data through email bounces and invalid numbers. Avoid burning through your addressable market with ineffective campaigns.

Build a pipeline of ideal prospects

Clone your best customers through Look-Alike modeling so you can create a predictable stream of closed-won accounts.

Prioritize leads that are in-market to buy

Cut time-to-close using Multi-Source Intent. Identify companies researching your solutions so you can reach out to close deals in less time.

Increase connect rates with direct dials

Have trouble skipping gatekeepers and switchboards? Discover’s 65M+ mobile phone numbers data means you can get higher connect rates with ease.

Get higher booking & demo rates

Zero in on ideal customer profiles and personas using 40+ filters to enhance relevancy and achieve better call and email conversion rates.

Target customers by their tech stack

Filter leads by 9,100 products and 51 million installations to target accounts based on their tech preferences. Offer complementary offerings or run competitor displacement campaigns.

The Top Choice for Mid-Market and Enterprise Businesses

Turn Data Into Opportunities: See What Makes Discover
A Game-Changer For Your Outreach Goals


Real-Time Validation

Avoid ruining your email domain and call number reputation with double-digit bounce rates and low connect rates. Real-time validation helps you verify contact information so you can have the most up-to-date data to start your outbound campaigns with.


Multi-Source Intent

Unlike others, we aggregate intent signals from 3 sources (email, co-op traffic and programmatic). Our Multi-Source Intent lets you create a list of accounts showing interest for selected keywords relevant to your offering so you can engage leads with the highest potential for conversion.


Mobile Phone Coverage

The post-Covid era has ushered in a new way of working: remotely. This means, most leads and prospects work out-of-office and sales reps have less likelihood of reaching them at work. With Discover’s 65M+ mobile phone data coverage, cold calls are still effective.

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See what our clients say.

Infotelligent is intuitive and well designed

The platform was helpful for us to drill into our specific target market very quickly and helped surface the right opportunities for our team to work.

Scott P
Director of Sales

Helpful and affordable resource for sales teams

It’s a reliable format with consistently updated information. Additionally, when compared with other vendors on the market, infotelligent is very affordable.

Tyler B.
Sales Development Representative

Infotelligent is a shortcut to the top!

Consumers are inundated with ads, so it’s vital that your ad catches the eye and immediately grabs interest. You could do this with a headline or slogan.

Tyler C.
Marketing Manager

Technographics feature is a ginormous plus.

I am a big fan of Infotelligent because it offers me comprehensive information on all the companies I'm researching. The best part is, the information is always up-to-date and accurate.

Gregory T.
SDR Team Lead