Why Go With Infotelligent vs. ZoomInfo (ZoomInfo / DiscoverOrg)?

There are so many reasons....but First:

Before we jump into the many reasons to choose Infotelligent, we’d like to give a quick nod to ZoomInfo and DiscoverOrg. They’re a good team, a good company, and built a solid product. In fact, they are the sort of the first big godfather of our industry who started 20 years ago. They beat the original path in the industry and we have a lot of mutual respect. In fact, you’re here because you heard of and you’re evaluating Infotelligent vs. ZoomInfo / DiscoverOrg (they merged), or looking for the top ZoomInfo alternatives. So thanks to them, you’ve come to the right place and you have found the right product in Infotelligent that will help your business grow.

So... what exactly is the difference
between Infotelligent vs. ZoomInfo

We can start with tons of features that we have (which they do not have) like B2B Buyer Intent Data or LookAlike matching which finds you new customers based on your own customers or many others. All those will definitely show the big difference between the two companies (and we do show you that when you scroll down if you’re interested), however the biggest difference is simply this:

Simple to Use
Highest ROI

The TOP Reasons Why Companies
Use Infotelligent vs ZoomInfo?


We have Intent Data and a tight partnership with Bombora

They do not! Bombora and they ended the partnership. But Bombora is the #1 in the world for B2B Buyer Intent and we offered that to you at no extra charge – it is part of the price, no extras, no catch – it is included and gets you the high ROI on your investment in us.


We have Predictive LookAlike Matching and Modeling Technology

We're pretty sure (after looking around for a while) that we are the only B2B SaaS company offering this particular matching technology - Infotelligent is the only one with this unique technology that is algorithmically match group of accounts who resemble and pattern match your customers. There is secret sauce in the way we developed this but, long story short, we let you find new customers that look alike your existing customers (based on many different patterns). Want to quickly get a list of many more “Ideal Customer Profile” types of accounts for your sales and marketing teams? You’ve come to the right place.


We have Account Based Targeting Technology (for ABM / ABS)

Say you want to input a lot of accounts and instantly find the right contacts at those. We have that ABM/ABS feature. Want to get it in another product? Sure, you have to go click somewhere into settings (yes, settings) for that (yes that makes no sense but we’re just sharing this – it is what it is). Thus, in Infotelligent, ABM/ABS is not in settings but is at the core of our product allowing you to find your Target Buyer Personas in the accounts you want to market and sell to.


Contact Information

Our contacts all have emails. You heard this right - 100% of the contacts in Infotelligent have email addresses that you can use. Unlike our competition, we don’t just give you names unless we have an email address for them. Sounds simple, right? After all, why would you want someone’s name without being able to contact them – isn’t that pointless? We agree. But that’s what you get with many competitors on the market. They claim to offer you many contacts - but very many will just have a person's name and company name but without any email addresses.

What’s more is that we give you additional details - we show you the contacts’ LinkedIn profiles and a lot more. Just like above, most competitors don’t have this information for every single contact.


Technographics – What Technology Each Account Uses

Very few of our competitors have Technographics data. Have you heard of Datanyze? They did a great job on this and they were acquired by ZoomInfo but we heard in Q2’2020 that Datanyze product is being sunset unfortunately. Well, we offer this to you – like every other major function of our platform this is included in the price at no extra cost and no catch.


The ROI is Far Higher – The Investment (or Price) is Far Better

If you have ZoomInfo then you are paying about 2x to 3x higher for everything (and our price is much simpler too) than what you would invest into Infotelligent. Enough said. Just email us and we will show you.

You Can Use Both
ZoomInfo & Infotelligent Together

And if you still have many months left on your ZoomInfo agreement before it expires - no problem. Many customers can enhance their access to more customers and use multiple Sales Intelligence platforms together to get access to more potential customers faster. You can still get a trial and see if we can help you grow your sales and add more customers faster.